Sally and Jeff, came to my workshop at OXO and asked me to make a matching pair of eternity rings. We decided to use a wide band from from my textured ring series which has a rich fused and worked surface. They had given the project a lot of thought and had a good idea of the size, colour and shape of the stones and how they wanted them arranged.

By using these highly textured irregular gold bands with the stones set in white gold frames, the final rings had a rich medieval feel to them.

Frances wanted a stacking ring as a treat for herself. She had a thin platinum band which had been her mother's wedding band. Her mother had died a few months earlier so we decided to find a way of integrating this special bequest into the final design.

Frances liked the idea of an oval diamond, an asymmetric collection of bands and she also particularly liked the band with the fine loop pattern. With these criteria, I decided to set the diamond onto the slightly modified platinum band and make all the other elements in 18ct gold. The outcome was a very satisfying solution which pleased us both.

Gold pectoral necklace originating from the "Munich Muse" series specially commission for Jane to wear with a ring she had previously commissioned which also had a pink tourmaline as its central feature.

This is the first commissioned piece from the series and I was particularly pleased with how the stone integrated into the gold form.

Cathy had ordered a number of items before this project came about. A commission based around this gorgeous Tanzanite stone needed a special yet simple design to show it off. I decided to use a heavily textured band made into a square shank with separate white gold bands either side. It has a lovely balanced asymmetry to it and shows the stone off well.

A selection of commissions from 2004